The advent of technology has taken the world by storm, be it in the form of a computer, a mobile phone, or an Internet connection – it has left a resonating impact on our daily lives. One of the most important influences of technology is how easy it has rendered our work to be stored.

Professional Desktop and Server Support

Servers play a vital role in storing an infinite number of data intangibly. Nonetheless, a minor setback can cease the computer network and cause an organization their precious time. Networks360 knows how fragile it can be for an organization to lose time due to server breakdowns. Therefore, we offer comprehensive and all-inclusive strategies that aim towards server health.

Our desktop and server support services are customized as per your business model. We aim to provide security to your computer networks and supreme maintenance and desktop monitoring.


When you choose Networks360 to look after your server, you do not need to worry about its maintenance, security, and monitoring. In addition, we also provide troubleshooting and repair in case of any malfunction.

Here’s a glimpse of what we offer:

  • Standard practices: Our routine management tasks include: Robust patch management and maintenance, migrations of servers, server virtualization, setup and configuration of virtual and standalone servers, HIPAA compliance security for mobile devices, and installation and configuration of printers into the network’s server.

  • System upgrades and migration: Migrating on-premises exchange server data to exchange online.

  • Security: We understand how important it is to maintain the server’s integrity and provide server security software to protect it against viruses, malware, and other potential threats.

  • Maintenance and monitoring: We take pride in our round-the-clock remote monitoring of the servers. Our job is to keep an eye on its performance and identify any issue for its prompt solution. ,

  • Mishap management: No matter how hard we try, there is always a possibly of mishaps, and they ultimately do occur. We at Networks360, offer HIPAA compliance data back-up and bare metal recovery to ensure seamless workflow.


Networks360’s approach for desktop support resonates around its security, efficient performance. Here’s a breakdown of all our related services:

  • Computer setup and configuration: We look after the computer’s operating system and regularly update it.

  • Software management: Software management includes installation and update of relevant business or technical software.

  • PC performance maintenance: Networks360 manages the performance of your PC to ensure consistent performance. Furthermore, we also deal with troubleshooting and repair in case of any technical fault.

  • Security: The frequent daily use of the internet exposes the computer system to various security hazards. We utilize antivirus and other antispyware software to protect the system in real-time. In addition, we also ensure the software is constantly updated and run scans to keep an eye on their performance.

  • Troubleshooting and repair: A computer system is perpetually at the risk of various inevitable glitches such as a software malfunction or drives failure. However, our experienced team is skilled in detecting the problem and providing quick restoration.

Why Should You Choose Networks360?

Networks360 provides an all-encompassing solution to all your desktop and server-related issues. We minimize your need to hire a separate IT department as we render the same services at a fraction of the cost of its salaries and other benefits. Our qualified team does not only diagnose a system or server-related malfunction but also restores it in record time. Our main goal is to improve your system’s reliability and performance without any compromise. Nevertheless, the primary benefit of relying on Networks360 for desktop and server support is a constantly backed-up server and a well-maintained desktop.