Mail Assurance

E-mails have been the prime mean of communication for a long time. It is a cheap, quick way for businesses to reach out to their consumers. However, despite all the benefits the email technology has rendered, it also has its drawbacks.

The most common and severe problem is its susceptibility to cybersecurity threats. It is for this reason that enterprises now rely on Mail assurance services and email protection. The phenomenon is vital to protect organizations from social attacks by relying on emails. Be it phishing emails that trick consumers into sharing their private data to the risk of downloading malware – there’s no way an organization should overlook email protection.

What is Mail Mail Assurance ?

Mail Assure is your ultimate solution for secure and reliable email protection. It deals with all kinds of email-borne threats such as phishing, malware, and other frauds. Networks360’s cloud-based email security system allows both the organization and its consumers to secure their email, be it incoming or outgoing.

Mail assurance services includes well-curated threat intelligence, round-the-clock email continuity, and frequent email backup contribute to securing your emails. We cover a broad horizon of email-borne attacks, including spam, virus, phishing, ransomware, spoofing, and social attacks.

Why Do You Need Mail Mail Assurance ?
Mail Assure does not only help to protect a potential email threat but also provides:
  • State-of-the-art Email Security: Our advanced email protection facility owns the capability to screen over a million incoming spam emails.
  • Protection Against Existing and Incoming Threats: We use our cloud-based proprietary engine to detect a threat instantaneously. On the other hand, with the help of machine learning and antivirus capabilities, we detect and defend against incoming attacks.
  • Real-time Detection: Our cloud-based email protection system does not wait till the arrival of a threat. On the contrary, it detects the hazard in real-time by recognizing its pattern.
  • Tailored-Made Services: Every business has distinctive consumer needs, and we realize, not all require the same. Therefore, our customized email protection services help you just the way you need.
The Benefits of Mail Assurance

The prime benefit of Mail assurance services is customer satisfaction. When you provide your consumer the peace of mind that the emails, they receive from you will not endanger them, they trust you the extra mile. Nonetheless, there are countless other benefits one can enjoy from Mail Assure.

  • Our database is frequently updated to accommodate all kinds of existing email threats, which provides ultimate email protection.
  • With Mail assurance services, you do not need to worry about lost emails. It frequently backs up all emails in a secured cloud, from where users can recover.
  • Mail Assurance coordinates with Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Exchange to improve email security within each app.
  • The spam filtering capability confronts incoming email by comparing it against the patterns of spam and other frauds.
Why Choose Network360?

Every business relies heavily on emails to update its customers regarding its brands. However, it is also their responsibility that the email the user receives wouldn’t cause them harm. While this seems a complicating task, relying on Networks360 will make it more manageable. From defending an incoming attack to detecting a new threat, Networks360 is your ultimate savior for unparallel email security.