Microsoft Office 365 Solutions

In today’s environment, leaving your work at the office is not an option. As businesses of all sizes are going global, the reliance on the Cloud, especially with Microsoft Office 365 Solutions, is becoming a necessity. Having the ability to access all your files anywhere, any time will give you a competitive edge over companies that are not using this technology

While in the past you needed a VPN to connect to the office to get to your files on the shared drive, today, all you need is an internet connection and a mobile device. Simply productive!

Office 365 is Microsoft’s productivity platform for small, medium and enterprise business. It is customizable as per your needs with one single administration point, running your own exchange server, and employee SharePoint. Simply put, it is a complete platform.

Communication is a cinch with Office 365 as it offers Skype for Business which allows calls on line, sharing documents, sending messages and more, it is a tool for productivity.

Some of the features:

Office 365 allows you to work virtually and also provides you with the ability to access your work from a variety of mobile devices. You can open your files from a desktop or any mobile device, work on them, and effortlessly save them back to the Cloud using Microsoft Office 365 Solutions. One outstanding feature of Office 365 is its capability to enable collaborative work on a document. Whether you’re at your desktop or using a mobile device, you can collaborate with someone else in a different location. This means that an analyst can be online with you, working together to complete that crucial report for your important client.

  • Highly scalable
  • One low monthly subscription
  • Customized Skinning and Branding
  • Organize & Search your data & people
  • Increase your automation, and reduce your paperwork
  • Content Management for Web, Records and Documents
  • Microsoft Office 365 can be installed on up to five devices
  • It comes with powerful workflow, security and polices
  • Automatic software updates, so you will have the latest technology