The Migration is the process of transferring the use of one operating environment to another operating environment for different reasons, For example, moving from Windows 2003 Server to Windows 2008 Server would be considered a migration. Networks360’s Migration Services might involve getting new hardware, software, or both. Migration can be simple and small scale such as migrating a single system, or complex and largescale, involving the migration of multi systems, or redoing the design of the network. Migration can be also the process of moving data from one storage device to another complete migration batch office 365

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The Migration Services are inevitable for any business that wants to keep their systems up to date and in line with the latest technological advancements. It is a necessary process to keep your business running lean and efficient. Companies that don’t take advantage of migrating to more advanced systems sooner will risk lagging behind their peers. Additionally, they may experience business slowdowns as their systems become irresponsive to newer technologies. Moreover, when old technologies become obsolete and are no longer supported by the manufacturer, businesses run a greater risk of facing business shutdowns to fix any issues that might arise. Consequently, their systems will have a huge gap with their vendors, peers, and the market. This gap may render them incompatible with other technologies in the complete Office migration.

Here at Networks 360, we can assist you with all your migration needs. Our expertise extends to performing your easy one-server migration or redesigning your network with multi-server level migration. Rest assured, we possess what it takes for your migration solution.

Our capabilities in data migration, application, and infrastructure contribute to making the most of existing operational business resources. These resources are adeptly transitioned to various data center environments, including Physical, Virtual, Cloud, and HyperV migrate to Office 365.

At Networks 360, we will address the complete migration process to ensure a seamless transition. This meticulous process involves, among other things:

  • Planning a comprehensive migration timetable.
  • Formulating a well-thought-out data migration strategy.
  • Executing seamless data migration with rigorous testing.
  • Providing meticulous documentation and procedural guidance.
Our Windows Migration Services cover a wide spectrum, encompassing:
  • Server migration.
  • Database migration.
  • Application migration.
  • Active Directory Migration (AD Migration)
Active Directory Migration (AD Migration)

With our experts at Networks 360, your Active Directory migration will occur with minimal disruption and interference. We undertake extra precautions throughout the AD migration process, giving you the utmost confidence in the continued smooth operation of your business.”

The Process Diagram: