Today the means of securing data needs something more than just advanced passwords. With the advent of technology, even digital thieves have found an ingenious way to penetrate into an organization’s data. A company highly values its customers, and more importantly, the data they share with it.

Any type of personal information that belongs to a customer needs ultimate protection against any illegal approach. The leaking of sensitive information to a third party can lead to defamation, customer, and financial loss. Since one cannot stress enough the need to prevent the misuse of such crucial data, disk encryption is what you need to do.

Encryption is the art of encoding data in order to make it coherent to only the individual who owns the appropriate key, passcode, or pin. Disk encryption is when the same procedure is employed upon a disk drive or a hard drive.

Data Encryption

Data encryption is a reliable way to protect the customer’s data from an unauthorized third party. It works by turning the information present on the disk unreadable to an irrelevant user.

The Benefits of Disk Encryption
  • Protection from Hackers

It would be a company’s worst nightmare to see their user’s data in the hands of a hacker. Here’s when disk encryption comes to the rescue. It renders the stored data unreadable to an unauthorized third party if and when they try to gain access. Even if the hackers can retrieve the hard drive from the computer, the encrypted data would be impossible to restore. Hence, it is an excellent approach to protect the company’s data from any type of cybersecurity threat.

  • Minimizing the Chances of Human error

Humans make mistakes and there is always a way to lose data. Such mistakes also lead to financial losses, defamation, and legal liabilities. In these circumstances, data encryption ranks above manual procedures to act as a second layer of protection.

  • Reducing the Risk of Data Leak

A cybersecurity attack can easily make sensitive data susceptible to leak to an unauthorized individual. The leaked data may be exploited on the internet or utilized by an unwarranted party, negatively impacting an organization. However, even if the drive or the device goes missing, the encrypted data remains protected.

  • Saves Time

Disk encryption not only saves time but is saved from hassle as well. Data protection can be a constant headache for any organization, and it helps them stay away from legal liabilities and other losses.

Why Should You Choose Networks360?

Networks360 is at your service with its unparalleled disk encryption capabilities. Here’s what we offer.

  • Customization: Networks360’s disk encryption manager is easy to use for all business scales.

  • Transparency: We show you what’s happening within the implementation of the encryption.

  • All-in-One: From extensive deployment to unmatchable management and monitoring, we cover all the aspects of the encryption.

  • Check Status: We also offer the facility to see the encryption status of the last used device.

  • Native Encryption: The data encryption manager coordinates with Windows and utilizes native device encryption for maximum results.