Cloud backup service in Houston

Meaningful support that boosts your success.

It's true that today technology runs a lot of our lives, and without the assistance of technology we may be in a loss mode, or at the very least become unproductive. Desktops, laptops, servers are all machines that hold our data and lifetime information and to keep it running and backed up is of utmost importance. We at Networks 360 understand the value of your time and stand ready to keep your machines running so your business can go uninterrupted.

Desktop, Laptop, Mobile Devices and Printers

  • Computer set up and configuration
  • PC performance, troubleshooting and repair
  • Installation of business software, and various applications
  • System upgrades and migration
  • HIPAA compliance data back-up and bare metal recovery
  • Robust patch management and continues maintenance
  • Antivirus, and firewall security
  • HIPAA compliance security for mobile devices
  • Installation and configuration of printers into the network Server and Security
  • Setup and configure virtual and standalone servers
  • Maintenance, monitoring, and keeping performance
  • Migrations of servers
  • Server virtualization
  • Firewall and antivirus set-up and configuration

  • Service and Support

    Networks 360 offers a complete automated system that track and report alerts for any issues with your system. Also offered are Robust Patch Management, inventory management, and automated management. Through the service and support we will maximize your IT infrastructure uptime and performance.

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