• World Class data centers

    Data centers used by Networks 360 are among the best in country. All data centers are located in the US, UK, Australia, Canada and the Netherlands and are in full compliance with ISO and SSAE . You can choose your preferred data center location for peace of mind.

  • End-to-End encryption

    Your data is encrypted when it leaves your site and is only decrypted is when it returns to your site. This End-to-End encryption eliminates any possibility of privacy breach in the process of backup and recovery.

  • Advanced Encryption Standards (AES)

    With AES 128-bit, 256-bit and 448-bit (military level) encryption levels available you may choose your desired level of encryption for superior security and ultimate protection.

MAX backup services offered by Networks 360 are among the best when it comes to security features. You can be sure of getting the best encryption (including military grade 446 bit) for your data backup with unparalleled service and support for a unique blend of security and performance.

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