Networks 360 understands how valuable reporting is to you, hence we offer most comprehensive visibility reporting features in the industry. You will have access to daily, weekly and monthly reports for all your vital IT checks on demand, so you may stay updated of all your system's fitness.

  • Reports Archive
    • Device Inventory Report
    • Critical Event Report
    • Fault History Report
    • Active Directory User Report
    • Task Management Report
    • Performance Monitoring History Report
    • Remote Management Report
    • Patch Management Report
    • Managed Antivirus Report
    • Web Protection Report
    • Managed Online Backup Report
  • Automated reports

    Automated reporting feature ensures periodic and timely report generation with comprehensive demonstration of vital business assets.
    Daily and weekly Reports - Graphical and user friendly reportsfor quick look into routine IT vital checks
    Monthly Reports - Detailed reports giving an insight into your system's overall effectiveness and issues.

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