Communication through email carries countless essential and important emails and in order to preserve these emails, they must be archived due to the large storage they take in local server; why should companies archive their emails:

  • Continuity

    Robust mail continuity feature from Networks 360's Mail Archive enables businesses to continue accessing, receiving and responding to emails, even if mail infrastructure is offline. It is an automated easy to use system.

  • Offloading mail infrastructure

    The ever-increasing volume of emails seems to be an ever-growing burden for businesses. Networks 360's Mail Archive infrastructure helps maintain your growing email volume without the need of hardware upgrades or other costly investments in infrastructure.

  • Secure, geographically distributed email archive

    Mail Archive feature from Networks 360 enables organizations to maintain and secure their emails with easy access to all communications.

  • Junk Mail quarantines

    To ensure businesses are kept well aware of their junk mail, dedicatedly hosted junk mail quarantines are maintained where customers can view all junk messages. Customers can access these quarantines any time or opt for a daily digest of detected spam messages.

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