Automated Maintenance by Networks 360 will give you complete maintenance of your system without having server problems. Our automated approach makes sure your system remains operational for the maximum output.

  • Focus on your business.
  • Get more control.
  • Save time on routine tasks.
  • Monthly service contracts.
  • Scale your profitability.

Automated Task

Our MAX suite is comprised of a variety of automated tasks which perform detailed maintenance services covering all aspects of your IT concerns. This helps identify and resolve technical issues before they arise to be proactive in suppressing any issues from becoming bigger problems. Our automated tasks include:

  • Antivirus - Malwarebytes; (Sophos).
  • Virtualisation - Vmware (ESXi).
  • Windows - Reboot; Service Control.
  • Application Control - Active Directory Users Query; Running Process.
  • Clean-Up - Defragmentation; Clear Event Log;Clean Temp Log Files.
  • Exchange - Large Mailboxes; Exchange Store Control(2003); Exchange Store Control (2007 or later).

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